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Cove Park Residency – Day Four

After spending the past couple of days focused on the Netherlands, I decided to turn my attention to the effect that the Flood of 1953 had on Britain. While the 1953 Flood was the worst peacetime disaster ever to strike Britain, and one of the greatest forgotten events of British history. It has been speculated […]

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Cove Park Residency – Day Three

The lands and waters of the Netherlands have been constantly shifting throughout its history, by both natural and human forces. Up towards the North of the Netherlands once sat a large freshwater lake fed by the river IJssel from inland and connected to the North Sea by the river Vlie. On 14 December 1287, a […]

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Cove Park Residency – Day Two

Research has always been fascinating to me. It is like diving into a root system, never knowing which way you might be led, then climbing back up until you find a new pathway to explore. This blind-research is quite common in our digital society; the internet is a rhizomatic network of nearly infinite possibility. Starting […]

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Cove Park Residency – Day One

Starting a residency can be tricky to navigate. Questions arise. What should I do first? What will I do first? How can I be most productive? Will I be productive? Like most people, I set about unpacking my bags in the living space and laying out all of my materials in my studio; notepads, paper, […]

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