josh armstrong

interdisciplinary director

Exeunt Magazine

/ on 'these delicate things'

In this moving but somewhat chilling piece, Armstrong recognises and acknowledges within his symbolism that the drive to create can also be the same, very human impulse that impels someone to destroy

The Stage

/ on 'Red Shoes'

the visual and design flair of Red Shoes, along with the energetic live music, is attention-grabbing... Armstrong's set design has a Brechtian finesse, and the plot becomes a foundation for musical numbers that meditate on the themes.

The Herald

/ on 'Little Match Girl Pasion'

Armstrong’s real skill is in ratcheting up tension between movement and extreme stillness

The List

/ on 'Little Match Girl Passion'

an example of how contemporary classical music can be accessible, experimental and emotionally powerful: the strict and precise choreography of the performers – and the use of evocative costume – lends David Lang’s score a bitter-sweet poignancy

The Skinny

/ on 'Lunchnox'

Meanwhile, Josh Armstrong's Lunchbox is possibly the most pleasantly surprising piece in Sonica's programme this year.