5. to trace or form (characters, letters, words, etc.) on a surface. 6. to compose and produce in words or characters duly set down.

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the performance of the mesomorphic homosexual male


The performance of identity and gender are key to the notion of the way in which we live our lives, constantly performing adopted behaviours, which become repetitions throughout history. It is in this that I aim to look at the performance of the mesomorphic homosexual male as a way to begin to expand received modes of reception in particular relation to narcissism and self-objectification. I will also look further into an entreaty as to the way in which the myth of the mesomorphic homosexual male performs upon society, as well as the way in which these men perform defiantly in regards to the heterosexually patriarchal society of the anglo-western world—primarily of The United Kingdom and The United States of America. My dissertation is a way of expounding the hegemonic structures that are in place within the heterosexually dominated culture as well as those in place within the homosexual sub-culture, and forming my thoughts as to how the mesomorphic homosexual male comes to find himself within these structures.

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